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What to expect at your skin screening

SkinIO is the easiest way to get your annual skin screening.

You can do it from home in just 15 minutes.

Get to Know SkinIO

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Worried about that spot on your skin?

Your skin will tell you it has a problem long before it becomes a serious problem.
But the story our skin is trying to tell us is a story we're not very good at recognizing or understanding by ourselves.
With SkinIO, all you need to take control of your skin health is your smartphone. Your skin screening will be securely sent to a board-certified dermatologist who will review your skin for any concerning spots.
Dermatologist taking dermoscopic image with previous session dermoscopic image on screen.

How SkinIO Works

We guide you to take clinical-grade photos of your skin. Our technology helps you by documenting and tracking changes to your skin over time.
Then we use algorithms to help determine which spots our dermatologists will most want to see close-up.
We ask you to take photos of the spots we identify (plus any extras that you are concerned about) to give the dermatologist an even better view of your skin.
Physician on video call with patient and skin image on split screen.

What Happens Next

After you take your photos and submit them through our app, a board-certified dermatologist will review your images.
The dermatologist will determine if there are any spots to be concerned about.
You will get an email from SkinIO with one of two dermatologist recommendations, either no follow-up appointment is required at this time or a recommendation to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and suggestions for how to best find one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SkinIO?

A: SkinIO is a fast, easy, and secure skin screening platform that allows you to submit photos of your skin for a dermatologist to review. It also helps you track your moles and changes in your skin over time.

Q: Why should I do my skin screening?

A: According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 70-80% of melanomas appear as new spots on the skin while the other 20-30% arise from changes to existing moles. SkinIO creates a digital skin health record that helps you by identifying changes to your skin over time.

Q: Does SkinIO tell me if something is skin cancer?

A: No. SkinIO is not diagnostic but a board-certified dermatologist will remotely review your skin and recommend if you should be seen for an additional exam by a physician. If you notice anything of concern on your skin at any time, you should always contact your doctor immediately.

Q: Is my data safe in SkinIO?

A: Yes. All SkinIO data is encrypted stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud server and can only be decrypted by the SkinIO servers. It will not be accessible through your device’s camera roll and will never be shared with any third-party sites.