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Every practice needs a teledermatology solution. Make sure you‘re getting the high quality photos you need from your patients. It‘s time to see more.

Why SkinIO Teledermatology

Features & Advantages

  • AI-guided photo taking - Delivers higher quality contextual images, minimizes human error, supports better patient outcomes
  • Real-time video - Convenient and secure way to communicate with patients, therefore improving patient access to care
  • Intuitive Design - Easy adoption for office staff and patients
  • EMR-Integration - Seamless workflow for higher efficiency
Why SkinIO Teledermatology


Dr. John Kelly, Dermatology Professionals, Inc.Access: “Some people really like telederm - it’s a time saver by not having to come into the office, especially for parents of younger patients or those who only request checking a single spot.”
Dr. John Kelly
Dermatology Professionals, Inc.
Dr. Deirdre Hooper, Audubon DermatologyEfficiency: “Teledermatology is great as a screening tool to determine who really needs to be seen in person.”
Dr. Deirdre Hooper
Audubon Dermatology
Dr. Clifford Perlis, Keystone Dermatology Partners, LLCOutcomes: “Diagnosis is totally different if you can see photos or if you cannot. If you cannot, you are giving more generalized advice and more likely to require follow-up appointments. High-quality images, however, can really allow for a proper diagnosis.”
Dr. Clifford Perlis
Keystone Dermatology Partners, LLC

Check out our informative new white paper to learn how teledermatology can help you:

  • Provide excellent patient care
  • Keep your staff safe
  • Increase revenue
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How SkinIO Teledermatology Works

How SkinIO Teledermatology Works

  1. Patient is set up in SkinIO
  2. Patient requests a consult through SkinIO by submitting contextual photos, comments, and questions
  3. Provider receives consultation request, accepts and reviews images and comments, and responds to patient through SkinIO
  4. Provider follows up with a video telemedicine appointment through SkinIO Teledermatology

Our technology is effective and secure

Our history of image processing to detect skin lesions gives us the experience to know how important quality photos are for dermatology

All photos are encrypted and stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based infrastructure

A Phase-1 clinical study with the Northwestern Department of Dermatology found our in-office mole-mapping technology to be highly effective in detecting new or changed lesions