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For Employers

Human impact drives business impact

SkinIO protects your employees and your bottom line through convenient access to dermatological care.

Our turnkey campaign includes convenient low-cost/high-value skin screenings with dermatologist review, all from the comfort of home. SkinIO is the perfect complement to any health and wellness program.

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Proactively address the most prevalent form of cancer threatening your employee or member base

Skin cancers affect 1 in 5 Americans. Caught early, they become a manageable fix instead of a catastrophic diagnosis.
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Companies with an at-risk employee base can save lives and drastically mitigate costs

When detected early, skin cancer is entirely curable and costs are orders of magnitude lower than those at later stages.
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Recruit and retain top talent by offering on-demand access to dermatology as the ultimate perk

The luxury of accessing expert dermatological care from the comfort of home can optimize any benefits package.
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Organizations gain a new, non-invasive reason for every employee to utilize their on-site clinics

Now dermatological care can headline the services offered at these clinics.

Turnkey Solution for Employee Skin Health