Provider looking at gallery view of patient region photos.

For Clinicians

Unprecedented access for your most high-risk patients.

Unprecedented business opportunity for your practice.

SkinIO's technology transforms your patients' experience and sets up your practice to thrive.

Taking photo of a bare back within SkinIO guide outline.

Maximize your staff's clinical efficiency

SkinIO allows your nurses and MAs to capture clinical-grade, full-body photography of a patient in just 5 ~ 7 minutes.
It’s as easy and intuitive as taking photos with an iPad.
Dermatologist taking dermoscopic image with previous session dermoscopic image on screen.

Maximize your time

You'll start each skin exam armed with dermoscopic photos and sophisticated technology to help you better evaluate your patient's skin.
Physician on video call with patient and skin image on split screen.

Maximize your patient relationships

Each skin imaging session becomes part of the patient’s digital skin health record -- a living tool that empowers and educates patients to monitor their skin health between visits to your office and keeps them coming back to you.
Physician looking at SkinIO mobile app with dashboard metrics visible.

Maximize your competitive advantage

With SkinIO you’ll be offering the most innovative standard of dermatological care -- one that will set you apart from your competition and inspire discerning patients to seek you out.

SkinIO Technology Feature Summary

Guided photo-taking

Easy to follow guide optimizes image quality.

Automated mole-mapping

AI-enabled, instant mole-mapping helps to accurately detect and track moles as well as potential outliers (“ugly ducklings”).

Longitudinal change-tracking

Initial full-body photo session documents a baseline record. SkinIO flags changes over time for review.

Contextual dermoscopic imaging

Dermoscopic images with real-time size and contour analysis can be linked directly to the mole-mapping.

SkinIO integrates seamlessly with EMR Partners

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