Better Patient Care with iPad-Based Mole-Mapping and Photography

See more patients. See more detail. Save more lives.

Learn more about using SkinIO in your practice

See and document patients’ skin and track changes over time with SkinIO in-office mole mapping.

See patients remotely with SkinIO Teledermatology, designed to capture high-quality, standardized, and contextually rich images from patients to enable the best possible remote care.

SkinIO Teledermatology
  • Quality Photos - The best possible photos give healthcare providers the ability to see and evaluate skin concerns
  • Contextual Images - Patients provide both photos of whole regions and detailed images of concerning spots
  • Secure Video - Use real-time secure video to communicate with patients
  • EMR-Integrated - Seamlessly pull patient information into the SkinIO app, making it easy to integrate into your workflow
  • Intuitive Design - SkinIO‘s teledermatology solution is easy to set-up and use — for both patients and providers

Our technology is effective and secure

Our history of image processing to detect skin lesions gives us the experience to know how important quality photos are for dermatology

All photos are encrypted and stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based infrastructure

A Phase-1 clinical study with the Northwestern Department of Dermatology found our in-office mole-mapping technology to be highly effective in detecting new or changed lesions