Screen yourself for the most common type of cancer.

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There are marks on our skin that tell us what could happen

SkinIO helps you know which marks matter – in time to change the story. The SkinIO app guides you step by step through the 10-minute photo-taking process. Your images are automatically moved off of your phone and securely sent to a dermatologist for their expert medical review. You’ll receive your results in just a few days, and we’ll connect you to care if you need it.
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The story of your skin can't be told in a snapshot

Tracking changes in your skin can save your life. 70-80% of melanomas, the deadliest form of skin cancer, come from a new spot on the skin; the other 20-30% come from a change to an existing mole.*

With SkinIO, you can use your smartphone to monitor your skin over time. Each time you use the app you add a chapter to your digital skin health record – a lifelong resource for you and your doctor.

*Skin Cancer Foundation. Skin Cancer Facts & Statistics 2020

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It was a sisterly gesture and a SkinIO screening that may have saved her life.

Kathy Grote tried SkinIO as a favor to her sister Jacquie, who runs SkinIO sales.
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"This was something on my own body that I hardly noticed - and it can cause you to die. SkinIO flagged me and my dermatologist caught it. They just see something you don’t.”

The SkinIO photos that led Kathy back to her dermatologist, who diagnosed her with melanoma, almost didn’t happen.

“I was planning to have my husband take my photos. When he got stuck at work I thought about just doing SkinIO another day. My teenage son offered to take the photos on his iPhone. I don’t know which of us was more surprised at how easy it was!”

Kathy’s SkinIO results suggested she see a dermatologist for in-person follow up. Her physician diagnosed her with Stage One melanoma.

“The spot wasn’t huge or particularly concerning. And it was on my back, usually covered up by my bra strap, so it wasn’t something I saw everyday. Without SkinIO I never would have gotten it checked when I did.”

Kathy had the melanoma removed and is fully recovered. But her experience with the deadliest form of skin cancer prompted her to change her lifestyle - and speak up.

“Melanoma is scary because it’s so silent - you just don’t know it’s there until you have a big problem. I was so lucky that SkinIO got me to my dermatologist when it was still in an early stage. I made my husband go to the dermatologist right away and told all of my friends to go get checked. It’s so important.”