SkinIO v6.1: Color Correction & Patient Import

In Version 6.1 of SkinIO, we’ve added color correction to the iOS app. You can toggle color correction on any photo by tapping the paint drop icon. This balances the colors in the photo, making skin and lesion colors more true to life, and more consistent between settings.

Also in Version 6.1, we’ve added patient import to help you quickly add new patients to SkinIO if you don’t have an EMR integration. From the SkinIO web portal, you can upload a list of patients to SkinIO whom you would like to photograph in SkinIO. These patients will then show up when you search for their name in the iOS app, and allow you to quickly create their SkinIO account without having to fill out all of their information.

For more information on how to import patients, please visit our How-To Guide.