SkinIO v5.8: Expanded Regions

In Version 5.8, we have added several new regions with outlines to help you consistently cover more of your patients’ skin. The regions we added are: left and right upper torso, left and right axilla, dorsals of feet, and soles of feet.

To add these new regions to a session, just tap the Regions button in the top right corner of a new photo session, and tap the plus button for any regions you would like to photograph. If you would like to always have any of these new regions appear when taking a photo session, you can do that from the settings menu. Please reach out if you would like help setting this up.

The home screen of the app has a slightly new look in Version 5.8. To open a patient’s record, search for them by first and/or last name in the bar. If you have EMR integration, the search results will include patients that can be imported into SkinIO. Clinics with EMR integration will also have an appointments list, showing all their appointments for the day.

We hope that these changes improve your SkinIO experience!