Telemedicine can work
hand-in-hand with
in-office visits

Learn how to use telemedicine
to optimize your practice

Check out this informative new white paper to learn how teledermatology can help you:

  • Provide excellent patient care
  • Keep your staff safe
  • Increase revenue

“Diagnosis is totally different if you can see photos or if you cannot. If you cannot, you are giving more generalized advice and more likely to require follow-up appointments. High quality images, however, can really allow for a proper diagnosis.”

- Dr. Clifford Perlis
Keystone Dermatology Partners, LLC

“Telederm is great for acne, psoriasis, simple rashes like poison ivy, and for stable disease follow-up appointments with minor medication adjustments.”

- Dr. John Kelly
Dermatology Professionals, Inc.

"We expect there to be a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall. I am seeing patients now to do full skin exams and mole-mapping so that I can more easily see them remotely in the fall and winter for follow-ups."

- Dr. Jean-Christophe Lapiere
Northwestern Skin Cancer Institute

About Us

SkinIO is the leader in high-resolution teledermatology and affordable, AI-enabled mole-mapping. Our teledermatology solution includes both high-quality imaging and video conferencing capabilities to help providers connect with their patients remotely. Our mission is to make skin cancer screening and skin health monitoring accessible, whether at the doctor’s office or in the comfort of home.