Better Patient Care with iPad-Based Mole-Mapping

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How do you track changes in a patient‘s skin? SkinIO mole-mapping makes it easy to capture high-quality images of your patient‘s lesions in-office.

Automated, AI-enabled mole-mapping

  • Computer assisted mole-mapping helps accurately detect and track moles
  • SkinIO's mole-map increases accuracy and improves the speed of documentation for each patient
  • Patients can use their photos to perform more meaningful skin self-exams
SkinIO Mole mapping

We make early detection, cost containment, and population health convenient by offering at-home and at-work AI-enabled skin screenings reviewed by board-certified dermatologists.

Longitudinal change tracking

  1. Use initial total body photography session to document a baseline record
  2. Add additional photos to track changes over time
  3. SkinIO software flags changes for you to review
SkinIO Change Tracking

Contextual dermoscopic image linking

  • Dermoscopic images can be linked to the contextual map of a patient's entire body
  • SkinIO analyzes the lesion and presents size and shape information
  • Side-by-side comparison images make it easy to see changes over time
SkinIO Mole mapping

Guided photo-taking

Standardized, repeatable, sequential photography

Overlays of previous photos help align the patient between photo sets

Tilt detection ensures consistent photo orientations

Sizing stickers provide accurate sizing information for detected lesions

A full-body scan can be captured in ~5 minutes.

A visual aid for in-person exams

  1. Standardized sequential photos create an easily accessible visual timeline of a patient’s skin across visits
  2. Automated mole-mapping captures the context and location of concerning moles
  3. Advanced in-app review and tagging system enables dermatologists to help train SkinIO’s proprietary AI model

Integrating SkinIO into your workflow

  1. Nurses or nonmedical staff can use any exam room for patient photos
  2. Full-body photography takes ~5 minutes using the free SkinIO app on an iPad Pro or iPhone
  3. EMR integration allows quick access to patients via name or appointment list
SkinIO Workflow

Our technology is effective and secure

We built our patented image processing algorithms (advanced computer vision and deep learning) specifically to detect skin lesions and compare them between photo sets

All photos are encrypted and stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based infrastructure

A Phase-1 clinical study with the Northwestern Department of Dermatology found our technology to be highly effective in detecting new or changed lesions