Integrations with your existing systems and workflow

SkinIO is designed to be easy. Integration with your EMR is no different.


SkinIO imports appointments from the EMR to make sure that patients in the office are easy to take photos for. If a patient is on your schedule, they're also ready to go in SkinIO. There is no need to search, they will be ready and waiting right when you log in.


SkinIO integrates with a patient's record to share the photos and records of their skin exam. The raw photos can be viewed directly within the EMR and a quick link back into SkinIO allows for the photos and results to be interacted with easily.

Patient Management

SkinIO syncs patient information with the EMR. There is no need to manually import a patient or manage two sets of patient records. Once a patient is linked, future management and photo taking is easy.

Supported EMRs

FeatureNextechElationOther EMRs1
Patient Search: Search patients both in the EMR and in SkinIO
Patient Import: Import patient's existing details into SkinIO
Export photos to EMR
Add notes with links to interactive results
View EMR appointments

- Full integration

- Integration with use of Chrome extension

1Chrome Browser Extension

It's not always possible to have full integration with an EMR. There are technical needs and business needs that can delay or stop full integrations. To make sure that your practice is not impacted by limited or absent integrations, we have a Chrome browser extension that will augment the EMR experience. This extension expands the existing browser features and makes it easier to manage patients and notes. Contact us for more information or for integration requests.