How SkinIO Teledermatology Works

Schedule a consultation with your medical provider from the comfort of your home
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Why SkinIO Teledermatology

Why SkinIO Teledermatology

  • Share high-quality images with your medical provider
  • Follow the directions to easily and quickly photograph the areas that you are concerned about
  • Send photos and questions when it is convenient for you
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How to Get Started

How to Get Started

  • Call your medical provider’s office to discuss having a telemedicine appointment using SkinIO
  • When their office decides that you are a good candidate to use the SkinIO Teledermatology platform, they will set you up in the SkinIO system.
  • You will receive an email inviting you to create a secure user account for accessing your data. You will have 7 days to create your account using the unique link in the email.
  • Set up your account and get started
Creating a Consultation Request

Creating a Consultation Request

  1. Login to the SkinIO app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap “Request a new consult with medical provider”
  3. Type a description at the top with your questions and concerns
  4. Grab a buddy and click “Take region photo” and select the region you want to photograph. Have your buddy line up your body to match the outline, tap to focus, and take the photo.
  5. Add a close-up image of the spot you are concerned about
  6. Add comments, additional region photos, and close-up photos
  7. Review and submit
How to Take High-Quality Dermatology Photos

How to Take High-Quality Dermatology Photos

  • Make sure the camera is clean
  • Find a well-lit room and stand 4-5 feet from your light source to make sure your skin is well-lit but not over exposed
  • Remember to tap to focus
  • Have a buddy take the photos for you
  • For close-up photos, start close to the spot and very slowly pull the device away until your skin is in focus, about 2-4 inches.