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Total body photography

Total-Body Photography

With SkinIO, you can photograph entire body regions. You will start by taking a baseline set of photos of your skin. All follow-up photo sets will be automatically compared against your baseline set to look for changes.

Mole-Mapping and Change-Tracking

Mole-Mapping and Change-Tracking

SkinIO’s proprietary image processing engine uses advanced computer vision and deep learning models to process and compare your follow-up photos against your baseline set to detect any new or changed growths on your skin.

Actionable Results

Actionable Results

All SkinIO results are reviewed by licensed dermatologists so that you will receive streamlined, actionable results — wait to take more follow-up photos next month or schedule an appointment with a dermatologist because a new or changed growth has been detected.

Automated Reminders

Automated Reminders

You will be automatically reminded every month via email, text, or push notifications to take follow-up photos of the body regions you’re tracking.

SkinIO results are NOT a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis. Always contact your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns about a particular skin condition or your general health at any time.

DOs of SkinIO

  • Stand in front of a plain background with as little clutter as possible
  • Remove clothing, take off any jewelry, and put up long hair to show the skin you wish to photograph (underwear is optional)
  • Align to the overlay in the app camera to photograph the same region and pose each time

DON'Ts of SkinIO

  • Take photos in an underlit or overlit environment (shadows or glare can affect results)
  • Zoom in or out when taking photos - only photograph the target body region
  • Change arm and leg positions (e.g. bent vs straight, right switched with left) between photo sets

Start your SkinIO journey today!

  • One free baseline photo set with mole-mapping results to start your program
  • Monthly reminders (SMS, email, or push) to take follow-up photo sets
  • Automatic mole-mapping and comparison of your photos over time with review by licensed dermatology professionals
  • Secure online and in-app access to your photos anytime
  • Quick in-app access to dermatologists
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