How SkinIO In-Office Mole-Mapping Works

Begin your SkinIO journey in-office. Continue from anywhere.
Total body photography

Assurance Anywhere

After getting started with your doctor, you can photograph entire body regions or just the lesions you're concerned about. These photos are immediately shared with your doctor so that you can have assurance anywhere.

Mole-Mapping and Change-Tracking

Track Every Mole

With SkinIO and your doctor, you can track your health like never before. SkinIO’s proprietary image processing engine uses advanced computer vision and deep learning models to process and compare your photos. Performing skin self-exams is easier than ever before, and if something does come up, you can easily share images directly with your doctor.

SkinIO results are NOT a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis. Always contact your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns about a particular skin condition or your general health at any time.

DOs of SkinIO

  • Check your skin against your previous photos.
  • Take pictures of any new or changed spots.
  • Learn about skin and take care of your health.

DON'Ts of SkinIO

  • Take photos in an underlit or overlit environment (shadows or glare can affect results).
  • Wait for your next visit. Take care of your health today.

Start your SkinIO journey today!

  • Find a doctor in the SkinIO Network.
  • Take your baseline photo set.
  • Track your skin at home using your previous photos.
  • Share additional pictures with your doctor and communicate in a safe and HIPAA compliant manner.
  • Access your photos anytime: online or in-app
SkinIO on iPhone